LAFS is a platform with the mission of elevating and enriching the Latin American fashion industry. The project began as an annual conference that gathered respected industry leaders worldwide, although today is much more than that!

LAFS is a powerful community, an omnichannel platform that features Latin American talent, and a leader in content creation and event planning, creating opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs across the region.

We invite you to discover the LAFS ecosystem through the following link https://www.lafs.com/about/: If you wish to be part of our community, you can apply to our online networking platform, TRIBU by LAFS, through the following link: https://tribubylafs.com/ .

LAFS Pop-up features an exclusive curation of Latin American design during LAFS two annual events: LAFS and Raíces by LAFS. Buyers from the most prestigious retail stores worldwide attend LAFS Pop-up eager to discover new talents from our region.

To participate in LAFS Pop-up, apply to the form at out Pop-up section , where you can also learn more about this event. If selected, we will get in touch via email.

At LAFS, we develop content in English and in Spanish. Our mission is to elevate and enrich the Latin American fashion industry and feature it in front of the world’s eyes. With this goal, we are constantly interviewing global talents that we consider most inspiring for our community, although some may not speak Spanish. In this case, we speak the language that connects Latin America to the world. Sometimes, we also interview Latin American talents in English, ensuring the entire world can get to know their work and mission. However, translation is always provided for our community.

At Raíces by LAFS, we will count with translation during our panels, from English to Spanish and vice versa.

In many different ways! You can attend our November annual summit in Miami or to Raíces by LAFS in March, held in different cities around Latin America.

If you own a fashion brand, you can apply to our annual contest, The Pitch to LAFS, or become part of LAFS Pop-up during our events, or create a personalized experience for your customers with LAFS Experiences.

And there’s more! By entering our website, you can discover more about the LAFS ecosystem, and, through the following link https://tribubylafs.com/ you can apply to TRIBU by LAFS, our online platform for online networking custom-made for the fashion and design industries.